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Established in September 1984 by Joseph J. and Johanna P. Bauwens, Portsmouth Metal Stamping, Inc. remains a family owned business. All business functions are performed at this 12,500 square foot facility, which includes our 7,500 SF manufacturing building as well as 5,000 SF of warehouse space.

Portsmouth Metal Stamping, Inc. offers complete precision tool making and metal stampings backed by years of experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of progressive, forming, and blanking dies, supplemented with our secondary processes which include tapping, spot welding, and assembly. Current metal stampings are used in products produced domestically as well as internationally.

We take great pride in offering our customers a cost effective product with a premium on quality. Our facility is well equipped to provide customers with superior in-house services, as well as on-time deliveries. Complete and total customer satisfaction is our primary objective and the goal of every employee.

At Portsmouth Metal Stamping, Inc. we recognize that, as a company, we will best achieve our goals by helping our customers achieve, if not exceed, their own.

Mission Statement

The mission of Portsmouth Metal Stamping, Inc. is to provide products and services to our customers at the highest standard of quality and the best possible value, which is achieved through continuous improvements in processing. We will continue to maintain this cost effectiveness in the manufacture of our customers' products and provide "just-in-time" deliveries as required. We recognize that our customers demand superior quality and service the first time, and every time, and we are committed to supporting that goal.

As our most valuable assets, our employees recognize that quality is everyone's responsibility and that our existence depends on achieving and maintaining a position of quality leadership and service excellence. Each team member is personally committed to continuous improvements in quality, production and safety.

Portsmouth Metal Stamping, Inc. supports these principles of quality and innovation, and will continue to work toward demonstrating our commitment to this mission.

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